(ENDED)How To Contribute To The XF Private Sale

(The XF token has been replaced by Hertz, an economic token that can be farmed on Cyberswap which will now be the first dapp. Private sale purchasers were made aware of the conversion and offered a refund.)

In order to contribute to the XF private sale it is highly recommended you read the relevant information below.

Name: X.Foundation

Ticker: XF

Dapp Description

XF will be the economic token used for the X Foundation’s first dapp which is governed by the XDAO Membership Token. This will be a Finder/Reporter style dapp (Name still in development) comparable to Neighbors or Nextdoor.

The main differences between our app and the ones made by big tech are:

  • Your privacy will always be protected
  • You will control what ads you see, whether they are personalized, and be able to earn money for selling your data and viewing relevant ads.
  • You will earn money for supporting local businesses in the form of tokens
  • You can manage your community based on how many contributions people have made, rather than with neighbors where the first person to download the app becomes a pseudo dictator.
  • Your files won’t be stored on any centralized servers
  • We can push for global usage before they are able to, especially in areas where safety is a concern
  • We will ask users to access their camera and they can control exactly how much we see and be rewarded if it assists in an ongoing investigation. Compared to other apps using your cameras and microphone without you knowing and without your compensation.

Token Specifications

Total Supply — 100 Million Tokens

Private Sale — 20 Million Tokens

Private Sale Price — 0.00014 Ethereum per token

Private Sale Lockup — 10% at TGE then 10% a month

Private Sale Soft Cap — 400 Eth

Private Sale Hard Cap — 2800 Eth

Public Sale — 10 Million Tokens

Public Sale Price — 0.0007 Ethereum per token

Public Sale Lockup — None

Circulating Supply at TGE — 12 Million Tokens

Team — 30 Million Tokens

Advisors — 5 Million Tokens

Bounties — 10 Million Tokens

Marketing — 10 Million Tokens

Liquidity Incentivization— 5 Million Tokens

Future Funding/Burn — 10 Million Tokens (Minimum sale price +15% above Market price)

Token Usecases

  • Will be able to be burned for any established locally community generated cryptocurrency(The ones used for rewards in our dapp) at a value higher than the XF is worth since they are inflationary currencies. However this will reduce the XF supply.
  • Will be used by companies that advertise their local services in our app and 10% of the profits from this will go towards buying XF from the market. Half of these tokens will be distributed quarterly to each wallet that has held a minimum number of tokens(without selling enough to fall below the minimum) for the entire 3 month period. There is no locking required. The other half will be burned.
  • Linking an Ethereum wallet with a minimum amount of XF will be required to access the ad-free version of the app. If the wallet falls below the minimum balance ads will resume appearing.
  • Will be used as a governance token for the dapp until X is distributed.
  • Will receive airdrops of ALL future projects.

Private Sale

In order to participate in the private sale, please fill out this SAFT and then send your Wrapped Bitcoin or Ethereum to the address in the pinned message of our Telegram channels A. B. (Please check before sending your Eth as any amount sent over the limit will be returned after a few days). If you do not yet own Ethereum you can buy some on many apps/websites including Coinbase, Binance, Coinmama, etc. You will need an Ethereum wallet to receive your tokens during the token distribution at ICO.

The private sale will end on March 13th, 2021 at 12:00am GMT

Thankyou for helping take back control of your world :)



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